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As much as I despise Biden and what the Dems have done to California, even I fear these warmongers more. Vivek was the only voice worth listening to but even I fear he would cave to calls for expanded war.

Just read your article in Epoch Times about Chemenrisky. His videotapes on Constitutional Law got me through the CA Bar on the subject. As you said, charming. Much later I realized that it is only on free speech that I agree with him. It blows my mind that those who created the Frankenstein that Wokism is - don't realize the monster will eventually turn on the creator. It is a moral of the tale they have all missed. I spoke with an Israeli friend, who has gone from 'settlor rhetoric' on why Thanksgiving should be banned, to someone I don't quite recognize ignoring the plight of Gaza and her government may have let things unfold. The problem of Neo-Marxism, just like the original version, is that it only looks West never casting its gaze East. The East created its own past quenching its thirst for riches by killing off others. It is an ugly part of human nature and I don't know how we dampen it. My friend still has sympathies for Marxism. It blows my mind. If Neo-Marxism argues you cannot separate theories from their founders, then surely Marx with his ugly anti-Semitic rhetoric should fall as well.

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